Vehicle Storage Canberra: A Guide to Safe Storage

Vehicle Storage Canberra: A Guide to Safe Storage

This is a short guide to safe vehicle storage. Whether it’s because of the coming winter or you’ll be out of town for a long time, this article will help you properly store your vehicle. This way, when you come back your car, boat or motorcycle will still be in good condition. Let’s start.

Clean it before you cover it

Dust, dirt and other elements might eventually damage your vehicle’s coating especially if you’re planning to store it for more than 30 days. That’s why you need to clean the vehicle before you cover it.

Although the storage facility is protected from pests, you also need to do your part in ensuring your vehicle is clean. This way, the weather and other natural elements won’t have much effect on your car or motorcycle even after weeks or months of storage.

Change the oil

Used engine oil contains contaminants that might damage the engine. That’s why you must change the oil especially if you’re going to store the vehicle for more than a month.

Slowly, contaminants will damage the engine. If you forgot to change the oil, you might come back with the engine degraded or completely damaged. You can easily prevent that by changing the oil and perhaps performing maintenance checks on your vehicle.

Check the user manual of the vehicle

The owner’s manual contains valuable information about the proper way of storing a vehicle. Whether it’s a boat, car or motorcycle, there are important steps to take before leaving it at home or facility for long.

Aside from those important steps, here’s another helpful tip. Cars and motorcycles are built to be used regularly. If possible, let someone use the vehicle every 2 weeks. This will greatly help in maintaining the vehicle’s top condition. If this is impossible, just make sure that you clean the vehicle, change the oil and follow instructions from the owner’s manual.

Inspect the vehicle before taking it out

After you come back from a vacation or the winter’s over, it’s time to take the vehicle out. You might be excited to drive it again and enjoy the ride.

Before you do that, you should first inspect the appearance and condition of your vehicle. Check the tire pressure, evidence of pests, brakes, fluids and dirt. This is for safety reasons as well as preparing your vehicle before you take it out on the road.

Vehicle storage Canberra

Those are just some of the vehicle storage tips. If you have questions regarding the proper storage of your car or motorcycle, you can check our FAQ page or contact us for more information.

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