Storage Facilities Canberra: 3 Helpful Storage Tips for You

Storage Facilities Canberra: 3 Helpful Storage Tips for You

Looking for secure and safe storage facilities in Canberra? Many people now choose self storage because of the benefits such as offsite convenience, flexibility and security. It’s a great way to store your items while ensuring security and safety.

But to get the most out of self storage sites and services, you have to know some things about the proper way to store your items. This way, you minimise the hazards and get the best value. Here are 3 quick tips that can help you:

1. Disassemble your furniture and beds

This will help you maximise the space available. In addition, this makes it easier for you to store your furniture items and beds.

To disassemble, you can simply remove the legs before putting the items inside the storage unit. You can also disassemble them right before you leave home so they’re easier to transport and carry.

2. Protect your mirrors and glass items with bubble wrap or other packing

This is important. Mirrors and glass items are fragile. No matter how careful you are, there are always risks that those items might break.

To minimise the risks, it’s good to have bubble wraps ready. You can wrap your mirrors and glass items at home before you transport them. This way, your fragile items are protected up to the storage unit.

3. Drain fuel from mowers and other machinery

Oil and petrol are fire hazards. Even if the company has double insulation and protection, the greatest vulnerability might still come from the inside of the storage unit.

That’s why it’s wise to drain the oil and petrol from your mower and other machinery. This way, you prevent fires coming from inside your storage unit. In addition, you prevent leaks which might cause damages to your other items.

Safe and secure storage facilities Canberra

Aside from finding a safe and secure site where you can store your valuable items, it also helps to take precautionary steps during the transport and the actual storing. This way, you ensure the security and safety of your personal belongings.

If you need secure (and affordable) storage solutions, The Lockup Self Storage can help you. We installed security alarms and insulation to our facilities. You can contact us today so you can find out more about our service.

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