Secure Storage Solutions in Canberra: Tips and Benefits

Secure Storage Solutions in Canberra: Tips and Benefits

Looking for a secure storage site for your personal items or motor vehicle? Many families now and business owners look for offsite storage solutions. They can find an available space where they can temporarily (or for the long term) store their items.

Maybe they’re going away for a while or they just need some space for their items. Whatever the reason, they need secured sites so they can have peace of mind wherever they go.

There are many benefits to self storage. However, their number one concern is about security itself. Many of us often store valuable (in terms of financial or personal value) items in storage sites. We need to make sure that our items are secure 24/7.

So how do you ensure that your items are secured? What are the key things you need to look for before choosing a storage company? Let’s explore the answers below:

How to know if your items will be secured?

First, look at the process of how the company will store and secure your items (including your car or boat). How will you store your items? How does the company grant access to the items you have inside?

It’s a straightforward 3-step process. You drive in, you store your goods and you drive away. Basically that’s all there is to it. It’s easy and quick.

You’re the only one who has the key to your possessions. You’re the only one who can access your items (not even pests, more on this later).

Double security and double protection

It’s also good to check the individual units. Are they inaccessible to outsiders?

Look for units with solid steel walls. In addition, they can be inside a warehouse for double security and protection. The layers of protection available will be enough to discourage people with questionable motives.

Fire protection and pest control

Another huge threat to your possessions aside from theft is fire. It can spread fast and destroy all your belongings. That’s why it’s good to check if the warehouse and individual units have protection from heat and fire (such as added insulation).

In addition, regular pest control should be done within the premises. This way, rodents and insects won’t be able to damage the items.

Secure storage Canberra

Security and protection are the top two things you need to keep in mind when storing your items offsite. Whether it’s a furniture, your car or boat, it’s important to secure your items.

That’s why at The Lockup Self Storage (Canberra’s first indoor self-storage facility), we provide secure solutions. We provide double protection and security to ensure safety of your valuable items.

You can contact us today or check our Storage FAQs if you need more information about our service.

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