Furniture Storage Solutions: 3 Essential Tips for Secure Storage

Furniture Storage Solutions: 3 Essential Tips for Secure Storage

Looking for furniture storage solutions in Canberra? Do you want to ensure the security and safety of your furniture items?

Maybe you just need an extra space or you just want a temporary storage unit for your furniture. Whichever is the case, security and safety are important. You need to gain peace of mind whenever you left your personal belongings somewhere else.

So, how do you ensure security and safety of your furniture? To help you, here are 3 essential tips for secure storage:

1. Does the facility do regular pest control?

This is important especially if you’re thinking about the long term.

Pests can easily wreak havoc on furniture items. Even after just a few days, termites and rodents might attack the wooden furniture. Insects can also affect the appearance of furniture through time (especially the units are confined spaces).

That’s why it’s recommended to confirm if the units are protected from pests. In addition, the storage company should perform regular pest control.

2. Is there fire protection in the individual units?

Many furniture items (especially the leather and wood) are sensitive to fire and heat. That’s why the units should have some fire protection. Also, the individual units should also be protected from abnormally rising temperatures. For added protection, you can also check our FAQs and storage hints.

3. Who gets access to your furniture and other personal belongings?

Security is almost synonymous to access. If anyone can access your items, it definitely means that your furniture is not safe and secure.

That’s why there is now a self-storage solution wherein you’re the only one who gets access to your personal belongings. You do it all yourself by storing the goods and packages inside a unit. You will also have a key where you’re the only one who can open the unit and take out your items.

Furniture storage in Canberra: Self storage

At The Lock Up Self Storage, we’re committed to safety and security. You can safely store your furniture and other household goods within our facility.

You can check our storage units for sizes and pricing.

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