Storage FAQs and Forms

Frequently Asked Questions & Forms

Read below for all your storage information. Included are our FAQs and some helpful storage tips.
We've also included copies of our required paperwork should you wish to print and fill out any forms prior to visiting us.
What is the minimum length of time I can store?

You may store for as long as you require but payment is monthly in advance.

Can you supply boxes?

Yes we have a large range of boxes. See the supplies page to find out the storage merchandise we have available.

Do you have garage spaces for cars, motorcycles, bikes, trailers, etc.?

We have 3m X 5.5m Garage Storage for motor vehicles in working order (no wrecks allowed).

Is your storage facility secure?

The facility provides secure units within a purpose built building. The storer hold the key to their unit. Written authority from the storer is required to access the facility.

What does self storage mean?

Self-storage is where the storer puts in the goods/furniture/motor vehicle/files.

Where are you located in Canberra?

We are located in the industrial suburb of Mitchell ACT, adjacent to Gungahlin on the northern entrances to Canberra, ACT.

What storage do you provide?

We provide all your storage requirements whether it be household storage, furniture storage, business storage or motor vehicle storage in our units. See the Storage units page for more details.

What shouldn't I store?

Any goods that are illegal, stolen, inflammable, explosive, environmentally harmful, hazardous, perishable or that are a risk to the property of any person. e.g. Chlorine, acid, paint and petrol.

Does your insurance cover my goods?

No, but if you have Home Contents Insurance with either GIO, NRMA, QBE or SUNCORP they will cover you at our facility.  You must confirm this with your Insurer.

Helpful storage hints

  • Ensure that goods are packed properly in appropriate containers. For example standard cartons, book/wine cartons and porta-robes will enable stacking and full use of available space. At or Self Storage office we have a range of goods for purchase. When storing boxes it is advisable to use the same size enabling you to stack easily and safely, utilising the space more economically. Books and heavy items should be stored in smaller boxes making it easy to handle.
  • Label all boxes, this will help in locating items easily and save time when unpacking. Fill any gaps in the cartons with packing to prevent movement. Overfilled or badly filled boxes may collapse in transit or when stacking.
  • Refrigerators, Freezers should be thoroughtly clean and wiped before storing, whilst in storage the door should be left ajar and a deodoriser placed inside, Washing Machines - disconnect hoses and allow to drain completely before storing.
  • Drain all fuel from mowers, machinery etc, as petrol and oil are fire hazards.
  • Remove batteries from appliances to prevent them from leaking.
  • Storing clothing linen etc it is advisable to include mothballs, naphthalene or some similar product in the carton to maintain their condition.
  • Save space by stacking heavy cartons to a level height and placing furniture on top.
  • Linen or blankets make added protection between precious pieces. Linen can also be used to fill in the spaces in cartons ensuring added protection.
  • Mirrors, glass, paintings should be protected by bubble wrap or suitable packing. Newspaper can leave marks on your precious items and extra work removing the ink when it comes time to unpacking.
  • For easier storing and to save space, remove legs from tables,beds etc. Not only does it save space but also protects you furniture from damage.


To save yourself a little time when securing storage with us, please download a copy of our standard form to print and fill out at your leisure. Please return via e-mail.

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