Boat Storage Canberra: 5 Tips for Safe Storage

Boat Storage Canberra: 5 Tips for Safe Storage

Searching for a secure and safe boat storage unit? Maybe it’s the time of the year to store your vessel (winter, or you’re travelling for long). Whichever is the case, you need to properly store your boat so it won’t get damaged during the few weeks or months it’s not in use.

That’s why in this short article, we’ll discuss a few general tips on how to care for your boat and properly store it. Here are they:

1. Follow manufacturer’s recommendations

Preparing your boat for winter storage can be tricky. There are many parts and components that you need to take care. To make sure you’re doing it all properly, it’s ideal to follow manufacturer’s recommendations. You can also hire a professional to prepare your boat.

2. Clean your boat

Rust and dirt are the common enemy of many boats. Before you know it, these elements can ravage your recreational vessel. That’s why you have to clean your boat before bringing it into a storage facility. You also have to dry the boat before putting on a wrap and locking the unit.

3. Choose a secure storage facility

You need a storage facility where you can easily store and access your boat. This way, you can regularly check on its condition or easily retrieve it from the unit. The premises should also be secure and protected from pests.

4. Check the unit sizes

Is there a storage unit where your boat can fit easily? A small motorboat could be up to over 3 metres in length. It’s best to take a measurement of your boat and then ask the storage service provider if there’s a unit available. You can also ask if there’s a garage-style storage unit if that is your preference.

5. Ask questions about the insurance

Does your insurer cover your goods? What happens if your boat gets damaged while inside the storage unit? Certain storage facilities might be working with your insurance provider. For this, it’s best to enquire and confirm to avoid false expectations and surprises.

Boat storage Canberra

At The Lock Up Self Storage, boat owners can go to our storage facility, put in the boat (we will assist or do it all for you) and drive away. They will have their key (they’re the only ones who have access). This is the concept of self storage.

Contact us today or visit our Storage FAQs page if you want to learn more.

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